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Life Groups

Life Groups are a network of fellowship and growth small groups consisting of 10-12 people. They meet throughout the central Virginia region. They may meet in homes, businesses, boats, cafes…any space where spiritual conversations, relational connections and prayer can take place. We host three semesters of Life Groups annually: Spring, Summer and Fall. Semesters typically run 8-12 weeks at a time. The goal of each group is to build a foundation for significant relationships within the church and community and to multiply the network of groups in keeping with our mission of loving God and man with wreckless abandon.

Group Dynamics

Each group has its own personality. While some groups are highly organized with strong teaching elements, others have a more organic, highly relational feel to them. Some are organized around activities/affinity. Some are organized around special needs, topical interest or even hobbies.

Our Hope For You

Our hope for every person at Commonwealth is that they would attend a Sunday morning service, commit to a life group and serve in a ministry of some sort. A Life Group is a critical component fo everyone’s spiritual growth. Your life group will help you become a more devoted follower of Jesus Christ.


In order for small groups to work it is necessary that they be…well, small! So to help facilitate our groups being effective and enjoyable, we are asking for everyone to enroll in a group. Enrollment for a group operates on a first-come, first-served basis; then the enrollment will be closed for that group. To enroll, use any of the following options:

Connection Card during service

Contact the Church Office at 434-823-4469

Email Pastor Victor at